Hydrogen-Based Energy Storage System for
Integration with Dispatchable Power Generator,
Phase I Feasibility Study


US Department of Energy
December 22, 2020, Office of Fossil Energy

University of California, Irvine (Irvine, California) researchers will seek to advance the capability of an existing fossil asset serving the campus microgrid to store energy in the form of hydrogen produced through electrolytic or micro steam [JB1] methane reformation and to consume hydrogen as fuel with the production and use cycles optimized based on market, operational and demand conditions. The project has the potential to establish the capability for the gas turbine to operate on high-hydrogen-fraction natural gas/hydrogen blends and to dynamically vary the hydrogen fraction to optimize economic and operational dispatch.

DOE Funding: $200,000; Non-DOE Funding: $85,000; Total: $285,000

2000, University of California Irvine Combustion Laboratory (UCICL)
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