Development and Application of Multipoint Array Injection Concepts
for Operation of Gas Turbines on Hydrogen Containing Fuels


US Department of Energy
May 12, 2021, Office of Fossil Energy

University of California, Irvine (Irvine, CA) will partner with Solar Turbines, Inc., and Collins Aerospace to (1) adapt advanced liquid fuel injectors designed by Collins Aerospace for aero engines to accommodate injection of hydrogen/hydrogen natural gas blends, (2) demonstrate their operation using experiments from laboratory scale model combustor configurations at elevated pressures and temperatures at UC Irvine, and (3) develop a design for test hardware that can be demonstrated at engine conditions in a test rig demonstration at Solar Turbines. The development of the hydrogen injector/array concepts will be led by Collins Aerospace who will use experience and simulations to produce a set of test hardware. The test hardware will be evaluated at UC Irvine at both ambient and elevated pressure conditions. The hardware configurations will be screened for stability, flashback, and reaction structure. In addition, emissions performance will be documented. Data suitable for simulation validation will also be obtained. These results will guide the design of a test module that will be ready for testing under a subsequent project. The 3-year project is expected to bring the TRL of this technology from 2 to 4. The results will set the foundation for further development of the technology for use with high hydrogen content fuels for power generating gas turbines.

Federal Funding: $800,000.00; Applicant: $200,000.00; Total: $1,000,000.00

2000, University of California Irvine Combustion Laboratory (UCICL)
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